"EWAC Is A Global Network Of Entrepreneurs Who Are Paying It Forward And Making A Huge Difference In Their Local Or Global Communities"  - Nat B, Founder

EWAC Organises Events And Donates 100% Of Ticket Sales

EWAC (Entrepreneurs With A Cause) Raises Money For Amazing Organisations So They Can Focus Their Resources On Serving Their Cause - Not Chasing Up Donations To Survive.

Our global network of entrepreneurs who are paying It forward and making a huge difference in their local or global communities, have the objective to raise $1 Billion every year for organisations who welcome support with their funding efforts.

What we do is straight forward: 
We raise money for causes we love by organising community focussed events.
100% of the event ticket sales is donated to the causes we partner with. We take care of the organisation of the event, all the marketing material to promote the event, the ticket sales, finding sponsors and securing high quality, heart centred speakers.

We create three main types of events:
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational

We Organise 3 Types Of Events

** All our events are held by videoconference for the time being **

Educational Events

We secure world-class educators who teach practical knowledge and skills, so our guests can walk away from the event and immediately implement what they've learned. Our main goal is for each guest to see an immediate Return On Their Investment as a result of attending one of our educational events.

As an example, in the current climate, many people find themselves unemployed. One of our speakers specialises in getting people job-ready and placed in a role as an International Online Sales Expert. 

This particular event has had so much success to date that we hold it once a month.
For more information, contact nat@ewac.win

Entertaining Events

We have relationships and are able to secure a variety of entertainers worldwide. 

We work with:
- Magicians
- Stand up comedians
- Poets
- Musicians
- Dance companies
- Virtual experience creators

Inspirational Events

Everyone has a story. And some people have an inspiring way to tell it.
Our global network of speakers offers inspirational and personal development talks on many topics.
Here are 3 examples:
1. Slowdown the lockdown meltdowns!
An inspiring presentation on how to beat the blues in our current isolation due to COVID.

Post Event: There is a personal development program available as well as private consultations.

2. Thriving beyond domestic violence
A true story from a survivor of domestic violence who now empowers thousands of other people to rebuild their lives.  

Post Event:   
There is a personal development program available as well as private consultations.

3. Being the voice of a population fighting a hidden genocide
The inspiring true story of an Australian school chaplain who's decided to help an entire population currently facing genocide in their own country... by their own government.

They are stories of struggle, growth and hope. They are moving, inspiring and transformational. 

Sample Of A Flyer For An Event

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