"EWAC Is A Global Network Of Entrepreneurs Who Are Paying It Forward And Making A Huge Difference In Their Local Or Global Communities"  - Nat B, Founder
I Want To Become An Entrepreneur With A Cause...
What's my first step?  
In A World Where Profit Seems To Be All That Matters...  
We have decided to BE REBELS WITH A CAUSE. 
Our members are entrepreneurs who operate profitable businesses... AND raise money for the charities they love at the same time.

Make A Profit AND Pay It Forward at the same time?
Yes. It's possible. And it feels AMAZING!
What This Video Guide Is All About:
Learn How You Could Add This FEEL GOOD Income Stream Seamlessly Into Your Business
Secret #1:
You Don't Have To Be Richard Branson To Make A BIG Impact Now
You know you were meant to do great things... but you have bills and employees to pay... a family to feed.  You always wanted to make a difference... but you thought it would be later, when you're financially independent. 

I'm here to tell you that you can do it now. You can have a profitable business, pay all your bills AND make a HUGE difference, right now.
Secret #2: 
 3 Most Common
Myths About Fundraising And Charities
For most of us, we've never really been exposed to how the non for profit sector really works.

We don't know how they raise money. We don't know how they manage the money they raise... and we don't really know what kind of impact they make.

Understand it from the inside
so you can decide WHO you want to support and HOW.
Secret #3: 
What You Need To Know To Start Giving Back On A Local Or Global Scale
It's simple. 
So simple it's mind blowing.

And you can start today to include this strategy into your marketing and sales plan.

We're here to help you implement this strategy into your business so you too can live the life of contribution you were meant to live... and make a BIG difference in other people's lives.
I'm already Paying It Forward... 
The EWAC TV Show and Podcast promote the work of people and companies who are making a BIG impact for the causes they love. 

Tune in, be inspired and learn how YOU too can become a part of the global entrepreneurial movement aiming to raise over $1 Billion dollars a year for deserving and impactful causes around the globe.
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